GST registration status

How to check GST registration status?

After submitting application for GST registration on portal, an Application Reference Number (ARN) is generated. This ARN is temporary number assigned till the registration process is completed. You can use this ARN to check the GST registration status.

In this post I will step by step guide you on how to check GST registration status.

#1. Step I – Go to the homepage of GST portal

#2. Step II – Click on Services tab. Go to Registration tab and click on Track Application Status. (See screenshot below for reference)

GST registration status

#3. Step III – Enter Application Reference Number (ARN) number, CAPTCHA and then click search (See screenshot below for reference)

GST registration status

#4. Step IV – After clicking search, the status of your application status will be shown like this. (See screenshot below for reference)

There are following other statuses where your application may be showing :

Pending for Processing – Application filed successfully. Pending with Tax Officer for Processing.

Pending for Clarification – Notice for seeking clarification issued by officer. File Clarification within 7 days of date of notice on portal.

Clarification filed-Pending for Order – Clarification filed successfully by Applicant. Pending with Tax Officer for Order.

Clarification not filed-Pending for Order – Clarification not filed by the Applicant. Pending with Tax Officer for Rejection.

Approved – Application is Approved. Registration ID and password emailed to Applicant.

Rejected – Application is Rejected by tax officer.

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